One of the most important rules to know before purchasing a tool is learning how to properly care for and use it. Luckily, I have been able to ask friends and readers about the best tips that are out there and they include those concerning the air compressor. I was simply amazed at all the things I had been missing out on and I was glad to be given this vital information that I can use from now on.


Keeping an air compressor in tip-top shape is a necessary part of the process that will extend the life of the machine. You should always be sure to execute routine maintenance annually or as mandated by manufacturer guidelines if you want to ensure you always have a useful tool at your disposal. And thanks to so many reviewers, I have learned the proper ways to select and size air compressors, something I never thought I would never be able to.


Changing the Oil in Your Air Compressor

Hand picture putting oil in the machine

Many people consider this one of the most difficult things to do, but the ability to change the oil in the air compressor is actually quite simple. The following steps you can use to replace and drain the oil in the machine:


Before draining the compressor, turn on for just a few minutes which will warm up and thin out viscosity of oil enabling it to leave with ease.

Remove fill caps and allow air into systems.

Remove drain plugs from the compressor and then drain oil into the container

Once oil is removed, replace drain plug with the assistance of adjustable wrench


Once all of those have been followed, slowly fill the machine with premium oil or that recommended by the manufacturer. If your fill valve is a certain degree, then you may need to add oil that can level it out. Whatever you have to do, be sure that you have patience and flexible since the compressor should receive the right amount of oil.  A dipstick might come with the system and if it doesn’t, check it out to determine the correct level. Once the fill cap has been replaced, then you have changed the air compressor oil and are good to go!


Remove and Install the Air Filter

Air filters picture


There are machines out there that can help you change filters and are simple to use. First, locate the air filter of the machine.  You can then remove air filters with a pinch of the fingers or remove screws that attach to the compressor. This is another thing that is easy to execute.


Replace the Old Compressor Belt



This can be just about as easy as an air filter replacement as new compressors come with a plastic age which surrounds the pulleys on the machine. The first thing you need to do is locate the belt system. Next, locate the clips and screws that hold covers in place and then remove them. This will give you the access you need for the belt and pulleys.