Interesting Historical Sites in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state in the Northern United States, founded in the 17 century. The first settlers arrived around the 1623. Throughout the long span of years, the country has had its history and has ensured that the much of this past left now is a preserve as historical sites. They serve as a reminder to the people of the rich history the state has had. Some of the interesting historical sites in Hampshire include:


The Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth. It is the first settlement in the area of Portsmouth. The majority of the original buildings are under preservation by the authorities. The museum holds a rich history of the original settlers of the city and a visit here may teach a thing or two of our forefathers. You will meet costumed interpreters demonstrate cooking skills and craftsmanship of boat building in the old ways.


The shaker museum, Canterbury. These are the remains of a village of the religious shakers community. It started in the 1792’s led by Father Job Bishop. It was a place dedicated to learning, reflection and human spirit renewal. The 200 years museum stands on 694 acres of land. It is an excellent destination for those visitors who would want to learn about life ideals, values and the history of the Canterbury shakers through a series of tours, research and exhibits on display.


Neville archaeological site on the Merrimack River. The archaeological evidence found in this area dated about 8000 to 5900 years before present, around the archaic middle period. To those who are fascinated with archaeology, this should be one stop.


The Frank Pierce homestead, Hillsborough. It is the home to the fourteenth president of united state around the 1800’s. It sits on a 13 acres piece of land at a lower village in Hillsborough. The wooden house build in 1804 still stands and has been refurbished and furnished for visitors


USS Albacore submarine, Portsmouth. It is a decommissioned cold war submarine. It was one of the most advanced warships to be operated at that time. Current, it is in a dry dock at Portsmouth, and visitors get a chance to marvel at engineering from the 19 century and have a first-hand experience of being inside a submarine. It is a site visit for those have a curious bone.


The palace theater- this is stage production venue located at 76-96 Hanover Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. The theater construction started in in the 1914 and ended in 1915. Greek immigrant Victor Charas with help from a general contractor of Henry Marco polo build it with Leon Lempert and son as the architecture. It was the first theater dubbed as first as it featured fireproof and air-conditioned interior. It is a visit for those who have an interest in ancient architecture and performance arts.

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For the art enthusiasts, Augustus Saint Gaudens memorial in Sullivan is necessary to stop. It is the home and studio of the American sculptor Augustus Saint- Gaudens who lived from 1848 to 1907. At the display are some of his best works and life achievements. It is an excellent stop for those who have an interest in art.